Who I am

My name is Gijora Dammann. I´m a graduated computer science and media engineer and certified designer. With my bicultural background (Israel & Germany) I´m used to looking at problems through multiple lenses. Thats why I consider myself more of a generalist than a specialist. It also helps me to build bridges between poles, eg. strict developers and designers. I enjoy living in Munich with my wife and son.


Stuff I do

I design+code apps for iOS and Android in ObjC, Swift and Java. It also happens that I tickle the backend preferably with python. Sometimes I create interactive prototypes with Proto.io, Pixate, Quartz Composer or Xcode. Before prototyping can happen I usually sketch and talk to people about ideas and think them through.

  • Sketch

  • Design

  • Prototype

  • Develop


One more thing

Future Gijora told me I´m going to be an awesome ux consultant one day. That´s why I´m currently crossing off this reading list. I´m also filling up my portfolio whenever I can.